Meet Jill

It has always been my dream to work and manage my own business. Over the years I began to notice many high-achievers around me struggling to manage their lives. In these busy pressure-packed times many professionals are feeling as if there is little or no time to address or conquer the clutter that’s building up around them. In a matter of minutes during a conversation, I would be full of ideas and plans to help meet these challenges. Within twelve months Organized Excellence was born!


My commitment to quality, meticulous eye for detail and passion for personal growth is what sets Organized Excellence apart from other professional organizers. Clients find that our customized 

services and attention to detail are unmatched by other agencies in the industry. As a compassionate, non-judgmental listener and skilled relationship-builder, I can connect with clients dealing with a range of complex needs.  Through goal-setting, and thoughtful discussion I recommend a variety of alternatives and solutions.

We agree on an action plan and work together to create an organized space that works best.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you. I am positive, that after working with me, you will change the way that you feel about clutter. I look forward to gaining your business and in return gaining your trust by making a positive impact on your life and all those closely knitted to your heart!


Jill  Richardson

Professional Organizer,

Consultant & Owner